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LVVR will soon be the largest Virtual Reality Gaming Center in Las Vegas.

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The Experience

Imagine yourself being transformed into nothing short of anything you’ve ever dreamed of. Each gaming station teleports you into a unique player experience like no other. You will become the Star Fighter, The Missile Commander, The Contender in the Ring. You become the experience. Possibilities are now Realities. Read More…


Play Against International Competition!

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An Incredible Experience

Completely Wireless. You're Alive In The Action!

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Most Recent Reviews

I had a wild time.  I was shooting these ships.  They were coming right at me.  I was playing for hours and could’nt stop.  Wanted to keep getting a higher score.  It’s awesome!”  – James B.


“I felt like I was really steering a spaceship and just blasting all these fools in outer space.”  -Peter C.

“I didnt wanna do it. I went with my bf. He was lovin it and made me try it. Damn all of a sudden I was lovin it too. You can lose some weight with some of this. Its good exercise.” -Karen C.

Defying Reality

LVVR… will bring you, the player to a new level where you will literally Defy Reality. You’ll find Endless Boundaries and Unlimited Possibilities.  Sanity will be redefined as you travel without Limit through unchartered territories as far as your Imagination will allow. You’ll find a Hightened Awareness as your Senses are Piqued. You’re out of touch with your previous interpretation of reality yet you’ve never been so responsive with touch. One who may have previously been in a state of fatigue will suddenly be rejuvenated, even euphoric. 

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